Feral Felines Game

Feral Felines is a type of hidden object game where you are shown a small part of the picture and you have to click where it is in the bigger picture.  Casual mode shows you the picture as it appears in the image; expert mode will flip the picture to give you more of a challenge.

Every 6th level is a sliding puzzle game just for a change of pace. (You can skip them and play them later if you prefer, or skip them altogether.)

  • 120 Levels
  • 100 Find-the-square levels
  • 20 Sliding puzzle levels - each one is different
  • 20 Full-colour backgrounds with either lions, tigers, cheetahs or jaguars on them

This game is for Windows 10 PC.


Feral Felines Game Installer.exe 99 MB
Apr 10, 2018

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