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  • The toys in the factory need to be filled.
  • Your task is to launch the correct fill at the correct toy to fill it.
  • Don't overfill the toy or it will explode.
  • Fill each toy perfectly with its own filler. 
  • You have a limited amount of fill.

Plan your moment of launch carefully and then tap the launcher to release the fill. The fill is light, it doesn't travel very fast; you must launch it in time to intercept the toys that are far away.

There are 50 Unique levels where the toys move in different configurations. Fill them from the top, from the bottom, from the side etc.

The speed at which the toys move increases every 10 levels. 


Bonus Items:

Catch the bonus items on every level (launch any fill at them to collect them) and keep them until the later levels - you will need them!

Launch the flower to fill a toy up to its maximum - helpful when you've run out of fill.

Launch the star to protect a toy, that is in the way, from exploding.


Level of difficulty: 

The game starts slowly with large objects that move slowly so that you can get used to the game. Every 10 levels the toys become smaller and faster. This game requires you to plan your launch carefully and to play strategically.

Casual Mode:

  • Toys move slower
  • Extra 10 fill per launcher
  • When all the toys of a specific type are filled, they are removed.

Expert Mode:

  • Toys remain until the level ends
  • Toys move faster

The game will take 5 - 6 hours to play from start to finish - and close to double that if you're aiming for a gold star on each level.  You can replay a level as often as you like to try for gold and to earn more bonus items.

The video shows the PC version of this game.  The only difference is that the Android version has an option to hide the menu at the top.

There is also a windows pc version for this game.

Please see my website for creditshttps://www.evolutionary.co.za/funfill_android.html


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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