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A small set of interface elements/menu items that is blue / green  - for you to freely use in your games - personal or commercial use.

The font used is Eras Bold ITC


The following is included:

Are you sure text.png
arrow 1.png
arrow 2.png
Award A1.png
Award A2.png
Award A3.png
Award B1.png
Award B2.png
Award B3.png
Award C1.png
Award C2.png
Award C3.png
Background 1280x720.jpg
Background 1280x720.png
Background 1920x1080.jpg
Background 1920x1080.png
Background Square 1000x1000.jpg
Background Square 2000x2000.jpg
Blank Button 1.png
Blank Button 2.png
Blank Button Menu.png
Button 1.png
Button 2.png
Casal Button 3.png
Casual Button 1.png
Casual Button 2.png
Congratulations Text.png
exit symbol 1.png
exit symbol 2.png
Expert Button 1.png
Expert Button 2.png
Expert Button 3.png
full screen symbol 1.png
full screen symbol 2.png
help symbol 1.png
help symbol 2.png
Large Arrow 1.png
Large Arrow 2.png
Level Complete Text.png
levels text 1.png
levels text 2.png
menu symbol 1.png
menu symbol 2.png
menu text 1.png
menu text 2.png
music symbol 1.png
music symbol 2.png
New Game Button 1.png
New Game Button 2.png
no text 1.png
no text 2.png
Oops Text.png
pause symbol 1.png
pause symbol 2.png
pause text 1.png
pause text 2.png
Paused Message A.png
Paused Message B.png
Paused Message C.png
Paused Message D.png
Play Button 1.png
Play Button 2.png
Please Try Again text.png
quit text 1.png
quit text 2.png
restart 1.png
restart symbol 1.png
restart symbol 2.png
restart text 1.png
restart text 2.png
settings symbol 1.png
settings symbol 2.png
sound symbol 1.png
sound symbol 2.png
Thanks Text.png
yes text 1.png
yes text 2.png
You lose text.png
You win text.png


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Water Interface Images.zip 1 MB

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