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The content of this pack have gothic style textures that were uniquely created for these elements in Orange and Black. This is a matching pack to Interface Elements: Gothic Red and Interface Elements: Gothic Purple.

They were designed so that you have many options and choices that will allow you to create your own unique designs from the given elements. All the elements are given to you separately so that you can put them together as you want. Place them on top of each other to create something unique.

Because the orange textures are detailed there are black overlays that you can place on top of the menu buttons so that your text will show up better, or use them if you want a mouse roll-over effect. These overlays have feathered edges (i.e. transparent and will blend in).

Everything in this package is at 300dpi and in .png format.

Important Notes:

  • The Black Texture is exactly the same as the Black Texture in the Gothic Purple Pack.
  • Most of the decorative elements are the same across the 3 packs.
  • The edges of these elements are slightly blurred so that they look better when resized. The blurring is only visible if you use them at their full sizes which is much larger than you need.
  • The content needs to be used as an object that supports transparency as some of the objects have holes in them, and there is a glow in certain of the objects – the candles and the dice elements.
  • The edges on the alphabet letters in the font Candles were individually created. They might differ from one colour to the next.
  • The screenshot inside Fusion was taken on a window of 1280 x 720 and you'll also have this quality if you resize the window to 1920 x 1080 during game play.
  • You might see a rough edge if you significantly reduce the size of these elements and place them on a black background. If you are concerned about it please download the free red pack and play around with it. It'll give you a good idea of how small / large you can go.

What's Included?


  • 2 x Upper Case & Lower Case Alphabet in font Candles including 13 punctuation characters and numbers 0 - 9.
  • 2 x Upper Case & Lower Case Alphabet in font Parry Hotter including 13 punctuation characters and number 0 - 9.

155 Game and menu elements made up as follows:

  • 63 Elements x 2 Colours
  • 27 Black overlays (feathered edges)
  • 1 Silver Star
  • 1 Gold Star

14 Decorative elements made up as follows:

  • 3 Drips
  • 3 Small Candles
  • 4 Orange spiders
  • 4 Skulls

10 Background Elements:

  • 2 Squares x 2 Colours
  • 2 Lines of different thickness x 2 Colours
  • 2 Short Double lines x 2 Colours

300 Alphabet Characters (2 x 2 x 75)
10 Background Elements (5 x 4)
155 Menu & Game Elements
14 Decorative Elements

479 Objects in Total

Size of Zip File: 44.1 mb
Size when unpacked: 45.7 mb

The individual .png files are compressed to save space on your disk. There is no loss in quality during this process; the file sizes are just smaller. Therefore creating a zip file cannot reduce the file sizes much more than they already are. The screenshots inside Fusion were taken using these compressed .png files. The file size creating an executable from Fusion with the 2 screenshots was 3.19mb

Fusion refers to the game development software I'm currently using: Fusion Developer 2.5


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