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The Mahjong Example includes a fully documented .mfa, in plain UK English, of the computer game Mahjong (a matching tiles game) for the software Clickteam Fusion.

You must own Clickteam Fusion Standard or Developer version to use this.

 The example includes:

 Settings for Music, Volume and Sounds, Time Mode, Casual or Expert that are saved in an ini file.

  1. An awards and progress screen:
    1. Level can be replayed
    2. Shows an award for pass, silver or gold
    3. Buy animals with reward money for pass, silver or gold and place them anywhere in the scene, you can also move them.
    4. Animals bought and placed are saved in an array file and are in the right places when you return to the game / frame.
  2. A pop-up menu / pause screen in the game by activating / deactivating groups.
  3. Two examples of a Mahjong game:
    1. The level ends when all the tiles are cleared.
    2.  The level ends when 10 dark tiles are removed and the idea is to remove them last in order to maximize your score.
  4. Both examples include
    1. A hint system
    2. An option to show the open tiles
    3. An option to shuffle the tiles - automatically if there are no more matches and also on request by the player clicking a button.
    4. Tiles will check for tiles on top up to 5 layers, but this can easily be expanded to as many layers are you want.
    5. An optional timed mode where you have a limited amount of time to find the next match and receive a score based on how fast you find them.
    6. Settings for casual or expert so that you can customize the games and make them easier or more difficult.
    7. An award allocation at the end of the level of gold, silver or pass where gold is protected if a level is replayed.


The game uses the following rules:


A tile can only be matched with another identical tile, except in these two cases:

  1. The 4 flower tiles can be matched with any of the other flower tiles.
  2. The 4 season tiles can be matched with any of the other 4 season tiles.


The .mfa consists of 8 frames as follows:

  1. Logo Screen
  2. Instructions
  3. Settings and Player Name Screen
  4. Awards and Progress Screen
  5. Mahjong Game Example (a)
  6. Mahjong Game Example (b)
  7. A copy of Mahjong Game Example (a) with the tiles placed on the side to make it easier for you to replace the tiles with your own.
  8. Mahjong Game Example (b)with the tiles placed on the side to make it easier for you to replace the tiles with your own.


The game is written in screen resolution 1280x720 (which is the same ratio as a 1920x1080 monitor).  It is suitable for mobile devices.


Extensions used are:

  • Array
  • Edit Box
  • File
  • List
  • Ini


 License Agreement:

This example / tutorial is for your personal use only.  You may not share it or distribute it.  You may NOT make an instructional video from it.

You may use to make a game.  You may distribute that game for free or for payment in a packaged form i.e. in the form of an .exe or .apk etc.  

You may NOT include the source code - that is the .mfa if you've used a substantial part of this tutorial.


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