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350 levels made up of these games:

  • Petal Moves - 90 levels
  • Flower Match - 30 levels
  • Petal Match - 90 levels
  • Logical Petal - 50 levels
  • Petal Swap - 90 levels

Play them in any order & jump around between them, it's your choice.


  • This is a very relaxed and easy puzzle game.
  • Move the petals so that each flower is the same.
  • You can only exchange petals of the same angle with each other.
  • Do this in the least amount of moves for gold.
  • You still have to concentrate to achieve the least amount of moves.


  • This is a memory game.
  • The flowers appear briefly on screen.
  • You need to memorise the order of the colours and then recreate them.
  • The flowers are randomly chosen.
  • This game will improve your memory!


  • This is a memory and logic game.
  • The petals are placed in a certain pattern.
  • Your task is to recognise the pattern and memorise the colours used.
  • Once the pattern disappears recreate the flowers exactly as they were.


  • This is a puzzle and logic game.
  • The petals are arranged in a certain pattern, however, certain petals are grey.
  • Can you identify and colour the grey petals to complete the pattern?


  • This is a puzzle game similar to Petal Moves.
  • Swap the petals so that each flower is the same.
  • You can swap any of the 2 petals but you can only swap 2 petals at a time.
  • Do this in the least amount of swaps for gold - which will require you to work out the best strategy.

You can choose to play all the games timed or not timed - although in the memory games the flowers remain only for a certain length of time before disappearing.


  • In Petal Moves and Petal Swap it gives you a guide colour in the centre of the flower which makes the game quite easy.
  • With the memory and logic games, casual mode will tick a flower when it is correct. This way you can see if you made a mistake because the flower won't be ticked.


  • You have less time for everything.
  • There is no guide colour in Petal Moves and Petal Swap.
  • Flowers are not ticked when they are correct.
  • If all the flowers are correct the level will end.
  • Therefore if the level doesn't end it is up to you to determine where the mistake is and fix it (or restart).

System Requirements:

This game was tested and working in Windows 10. This game was also tested and working on a Windows XP 1.73GHZ and 504mb ram computer with a square screen. It will fill the screen but be slightly stretched.

The game is written in the resolution 1920 x 1080.

It was tested on Windows 10 and also on a ratio of 1366 x 768 - it fills the screen correctly.

The game is set to stretch to fit your monitor - there won't be a significant difference playing this game in window or full screen mode.

Please see my website for creditshttps://www.evolutionary.co.za/petal.html


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Petal Puzzler.zip 33 MB
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