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350 levels made up of these games:

  • Petal Moves - 90 levels
  • Flower Match - 30 levels
  • Petal Match - 90 levels
  • Logical Petal - 50 levels
  • Petal Swap - 90 levels

Play them in any order & jump around between them, it's your choice.


  • This is a very relaxed and easy puzzle game.
  • Move the petals so that each flower is the same.
  • You can only exchange petals of the same angle with each other.
  • Do this in the least amount of moves for gold.
  • You still have to concentrate to achieve the least amount of moves.


  • This is a memory game.
  • The flowers appear briefly on screen.
  • You need to memorise the order of the colours and then recreate them.
  • The flowers are randomly chosen.
  • This game will improve your memory!


  • This is a memory and logic game.
  • The petals are placed in a certain pattern.
  • Your task is to recognise the pattern and memorise the colours used.
  • Once the pattern disappears recreate the flowers exactly as they were.


  • This is a puzzle and logic game.
  • The petals are arranged in a certain pattern, however, certain petals are grey.
  • Can you identify and colour the grey petals to complete the pattern?


  • This is a puzzle game similar to Petal Moves.
  • Swap the petals so that each flower is the same.
  • You can swap any of the 2 petals but you can only swap 2 petals at a time.
  • Do this in the least amount of swaps for gold - which will require you to work out the best strategy.

You can choose to play all the games timed or not timed - although in the memory games the flowers remain only for a certain length of time before disappearing.


  • In Petal Moves and Petal Swap it gives you a guide colour in the centre of the flower which makes the game quite easy.
  • With the memory and logic games, casual mode will tick a flower when it is correct. This way you can see if you made a mistake because the flower won't be ticked.


  • You have less time for everything.
  • There is no guide colour in Petal Moves and Petal Swap.
  • Flowers are not ticked when they are correct.
  • If all the flowers are correct the level will end.
  • Therefore if the level doesn't end it is up to you to determine where the mistake is and fix it (or restart).

Petal Puzzler Game Demo from Evolutionary Games on Vimeo.

System Requirements:

This game was tested and working in Windows 10. This game was also tested and working on a Windows XP 1.73GHZ and 504mb ram computer with a square screen. It will fill the screen but be slightly stretched.

The game is written in the resolution 1920 x 1080.

It was tested on Windows 10 and also on a ratio of 1366 x 768 - it fills the screen correctly.

The game is set to stretch to fit your monitor - there won't be a significant difference playing this game in window or full screen mode. You may have to exit and re-run the game after switching to window mode for it to trigger on Windows XP.

Version 1.0.1

Solved an issue to the pause screen that would sometimes create a black screen while waiting for the player to press any key to continue.

Renamed the save files to give them more unique names as it had the potential to create a conflict with other games. Warning - this does mean that if you update to this version you will lose your progress.


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