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Underground Ant Café is a time management game with 50 levels.

Welcome to the Underground Ant Café where ants come to quench their thirst.

  • Serve colourful drinks to the ants;
  • Buy snacks to resell;
  • Hire an entertainer for a day to increase the ants' patience;
  • Upgrade the drink dispensers.

Your main goal is to serve the drinks and earn goodwill points (that's what the underground ant café uses instead of money).

  • The ants will order colourful drinks.
  • The drinks start off with 1 drop of colour and increase to 3 drops of colour.
  • The drops come in the 3 primary colours, red, yellow and blue.
  • Add the correct drops (in any order) to make the drink that the ant has ordered.

 Earn goodwill points and exchange them for snacks, entertainers or upgrades in the shop.

  • When snacks are available, ants will order them.
  • The entertainer will increase the customers' patience.
  • Buy more drink stands to increase the amount of glasses waiting to be filled.
  • Buy more plates - you can place ready-made drinks or snacks on the plates. You can only buy snacks if you have available plates to place them on. 
  • Upgrade the drink dispensers to hold 2 or 3 drops.

  Casual Mode: 

  • Guide dots will show you which colours to choose.
  • Ants will wait longer.

  Expert Mode:

  • No guide dots
  • Ants are less patient.
  • Drinks dispensers move slightly faster.

  Timed Mode: 

  • Ants will leave after a while if they haven't received their order.  This will result in a loss of goodwill.
  • They will take with them all drinks / snacks already delivered.
  • You receive extra goodwill points based on how happy the ant is if she leaves with her full order. 

  Untimed Mode: 

  • Ants will stay until they receive the order.
  • Extra goodwill points are based on a fixed amount. 

Entertainers will work for 1 day in exchange for goodwill points.  Their presence will increase the ants' patience.  You can only have 1 entertainer at a time.  Select from:

  • Symphonia Soprano
  • The Comedy Rock
  • Treble Tenor
  • Pan the Flutist

Purchases are made before each level for that level.    You are limited to 2 snacks of each type and you must have purchased a plate for them beforehand.  1 Plate can hold up to 2 snacks of the same kind. 

You keep your snacks and entertainer purchases for the next level you successfully complete.  If you abandon a level and go play a different one, they will be used up on that different level. 

Plates, drink stands and dispenser upgrades will last you throughout the game.  

The game includes a tutorial and illustrated instructions.  However, for those that want to online-translate the instructions here they are:


  • Spend your goodwill points in the shop.  The shop is available before every level. 
  • Watch out for specials - the prices vary every time you visit the shop.
  • You have an unlimited supply of drink drops and glasses and an unlimited supply of credit for these 2 items at the start of each day.  Every drop you dispense and every glass you take will automatically deduct their cost from your goodwill points.  You can make drinks ahead of time but whatever you haven't sold at the end of the day is donated to charity (you get no value for them).

  Prepare orders:

  • Select the right size glass (tap it).
  • Place it on a stand (tap the stand).
  • Wait for the right colour to be over it and tap the colour.
  • The drop will fall into the glass if any part of it touches the glass.
  • If you need more than one drop you can leave the glass and wait for the next dispenser or you can move the glass - tap the glass and tap a stand to move it.  Small glasses need 1 drop, mid-size glasses need 2 drops and the large glasses need 3 drops. 
  • When the glass if full deliver it to the waiting ant (tap the glass and tap the drink on the order).
  • If you change your mind you can just tap the glass again to cancel the selection.
  • If you tap a 2nd drink, it won't trigger until you unselect the 1st drink.
  • You can place a drink on a plate (tap the glass, tap an empty plate).
  • To deliver a snack, tap the snack then tap the snack on an order.
  • Goodwill points are added for the value of each item as they're delivered.
  • When the full order is complete you receive extra goodwill points based on how happy the ant is (time taken).
  • If you made the order wrong and it's in the way, tap it and tap the charity box to donate it and get it out of the way … or offer the entertainer a drink (limit 2).
  • At the end of the day the goodwill you earned less a fixed amount to cover overheads like rent, utilities and your salary is added to your goodwill total for you to spend in the shop.

 Please see my website for the credits:  https://www.evolutionary.co.za/undergroundantcafe.html


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